Human Anxiety: Unfolding Here & Now

For example a random cat or dog walking in the street in search of prey would not get worried days or weeks before until the time comes to eat

By: Tehreem Shah

In our daily life every individual is exposed to the fact of being anxious one way or the other way, and the outcome is anxiety.

One has to go through familiarity with unvoiced fears, insecurities and future concerns on frequent basis. However, we can cope up with problems through rational approach of mentally present in here and now situation.

Whenever I look back decades ago in terms of anxiety or stress related disorders, I realize those people had been living in here and now moment in their respective era. As a matter of fact there are animals that have been following “here and now” regime as per their intellect to cope-up with their routine tasks and responses.

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For example a random cat or dog walking in the street in search of prey would not get worried days or weeks before until the time comes to eat.

As Duke University professor Mark Leary stated “A deer may be startled by a loud noise and take off through the forest, but as soon as the threat is gone, the deer immediately calms down and starts grazing. And it doesn’t appear to be tied in knot the way that many people are”. They will only get anxious either to grab their prey or being caught up by their predator.Image result for Human anxiety In retrospective context of human behavior towards solving their problems proved that humans who did not get into stress to achieve desired outcomes got relief soon because on the point of action they were capable of acting in appropriate way.

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The urge for greater outcomes is accompanies by long term planning and more energy investment is evidently contributing to stagnate the tolerance.

The state of being in denial towards miseries of life to the extent that not feeling the induced anger, pain tends to trigger the symptoms of anxiety.The unfinished business weather from taking a call, speaking a word, even head nodding or non-verbal strokes could be seed to a chronic anxiety. Seems minor? But yes! It does effect.

Needed Adaptations

As the human brain evolution provides the fact that human brain is programmed to respond efficient for solving the obstacle at the given moment or at the cost of immediate reward /return from the environment. Setup the goals giving outcomes in short time period would assure the optimum energy,courage,enthusiasm.

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I figured-out, living in present “here & now” situation one only has to worry about aggravation in-terms of life-and-death.Image result for Human anxietyMeasurement should be taken to lessen the risk of uncertainty which would contribute to anxiety. E.g. apprehension of getting fat can be lessening by taking portioned diet.

Domino Effect can be utilize as the interconnected actions give rise to immediate response will channelize the energy use and solaces the individual. e.g. to wake up on time to eating food on time to completion of routine work leading to procure capacity building and motivation.

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Activities based on instant feedback happens to be the key to reduce the stress, e.g. ages ago depression was alienated word because there was only  emotion (anxiety) which had been helping human to solve the instant problems.

The incongruence of human brain with contemporary environment is the manifestation of delayed environmental outcomes.To be present and act in the moment as whenever its required experience the closure to any heartfelt condition.Preferably to do catharsis not on delayed return environment basis.

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In a nut shell neither we can change our past nor control our future but the only thing we can have control over live in is present by experiencing here and now.It’s not only the agony which affects people but the way we dealt with it determines our present and eventually future.

                                             “They can, because they think they can”

Tehreem Shah “Mental health enthusiast, Activist, writer, socio_political analyst”

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