Afghan Air Force Mistakenly Bombs Security Forces, Killing 12

A clash between Taliban and Afghan security forces in Baghlan killed 10 personnel

MONITORING: Afghan Air Force fighter jets mistakenly bombed a government-backed security force consisting of locals, killing 12 personnel.

The Air Force in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan Province took part in an operation against the militants, during which they mistakenly bombed local members of the Public Rising Force, who were fighting on behalf of the government.

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The bombing by the Afghan Air Force killed 12 members of the Public Rising Force, while eight others are missing and are feared dead. The Afghan Air Force and the local government are refraining from commenting on the incident.

Meanwhile, two district police chiefs and eight officials were killed in a clash between the Taliban and security forces in Baghlan province. Similarly, four personnel were killed in a clash in three districts of Herat province. The clashes erupted as Taliban fighters tried to enter the districts.

It should be noted that the process of withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan is underway and during this period there has been an increase in violent activities.

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