Haniya Aamir Explains the Reason for Breaking Up with Asim Azhar

Haniya's breakup affair with Asim Azhar came to light on social media after the video went viral

WEB DESK: A video clip of actress Haniya Aamir has gone viral on Instagram, in which she is talking about Asim Azhar.

In this video clip circulating on social media, the actress is doing a live video session with her friend producer Omar Mukhtar, in which a user asked why she left Asim.

Seeing the user’s comment, Haniya immediately told Omar Mukhtar that I am not being asked this question, they are asking you, I do not know about it.

Answering the question, Omar Mukhtar said, “No, I did not leave Asim and no one leaves anyone. Busy things get in the way.”

Haniya said in a sarcastic tone that people would not understand our joke. Omar replied, “Then I will tell the truth. Yes, I have left.”

Host Mathira also commented on the post that Haniya forcibly mentioned Asim, she could easily ignore this question.

On the other hand, several users commented on the video and said that Haniya was making fun of Asim Azhar.

It should be noted that a video of Haniya with singer Asher Wajahat went viral, after which the issue of Haniya’s break-up with Asim Azhar came to light on social media and has been a topic of discussion for the last several days.

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