Vote Count Controversy in Confidence Motion Begins to Rise

Asad Qaiser reiterated that if anyone could prove from the record that the number of members was less than 178, he would resign

Salman Ahmed

ISLAMABAD: Announcing the victory of Prime Minister Imran Khan in vote of confidence on March 6, Speaker Asad Qaiser said that when imran khan was elected as Prime Minister of pakistan, he had got less votes than today.

The opposition had raised many questions at the procedure of calling session for vote of confidence and had said that the meeting was not convened as per the constitutional requirements, however, on social media, a question was raised about the number of votes in the confidence motion, after which the debate is gaining momentum as to whether the Prime Minister got 178 votes or not.

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In this regard, the Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser today challenged the opposition to prove the allegation. Earlier on Monday the day, Asad Qaiser had given the same challenge to PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who had raised the question about the number.

Asad Qaiser said that I ask Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to come for satisifation or whoever he wants to satisfy, he must bring him, the record would satisfy them. He said that the whole world and media was watching, tell me even a one MNA which was less?Judiciary is again under attack, bemoans Bilawal - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

He said that Bilawal Bhutto should mention any one MNA’s name, who was absent. He said that he would never do anything that would spoil the history. He said that he would not act against the law and constitution.

Talking to media in Islamabad today, Asad Qaiser reiterated that if anyone could prove from the record that the number of members was less than 178, he would resign.

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He said that the entire media was present on the day of the vote of confidence of the Prime Minister and everyone saw that there were 178 members except Faisal Wawda and me.

How much attendance was there in the National Assembly? In this regard, the National Assembly Secretariat had also issued a report yesterday, according to which there were 181 members in the House on March 6.Record legislation done during ongoing parliamentary year: Asad QaiserAccording to the report, there were 179 members of the government in the House, including the Speaker of the National Assembly, while Maulana Akbar Chitrali and Mohsin Dawar of the opposition were also present but they did not participate in the activity.

It may be recalled that in the March 6 session of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan got 178 votes from the House while he was given 176 votes when elected as the Prime Minister. The opposition boycotted the National Assembly session and left the opposition benches empty.

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How will this controversy end now, will the opposition be satisfied with the explanation of the National Assembly Secretariat and Speaker Asad Qaiser or will this issue become another controversy and continue to irratate the present Imran government.

The coming days can give a better answer of this question.

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