57 People Die from Corona Virus in Pakistan

The overall rate of corona cases in Pakistan is increasing again

WEB DESK: Another 57 people died from corona in the country, while the rate of positive cases in the last 24 hours was 3.34.

According to the corona statistics website (covid.gov.pk) in Pakistan, 35695 corona tests were conducted across the country in the last 24 hours, out of which 1194 people were confirmed to be corona virus.

The overall rate of corona cases in Pakistan is increasing again and according to the official portal, the rate of positive corona cases in the country during the last 24 hours was 3.34%.

The total number of deaths from corona in the country so far has been 21,633 and the total number of cases has reached 939,931 while 875,581 people have recovered from the virus so far.

Corona virus and precautions:

Some time in the morning should be spent in the sun, do not sit with the rooms closed, but open the doors and windows and let the light sun come into the rooms. Instead of running the AC in closed rooms, sit in the fan air.

UV rays in the sun’s rays affect the proteins that emerge on the outer structure of the virus and weaken the virus. High temperatures do not affect the virus, but high UV rays weaken the virus.

Drink half a cup of lukewarm water every hour. The virus first infects the throat and from there reaches the lungs. Using hot water, the virus travels from the throat to the stomach, where the virus becomes inactive۔

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