Troops Withdrawal and President Ghani’s Visit to the US: What Do Experts Say?

Some experts say the Afghan president wants to complete his presidency and that this would only be possible if US and NATO forces continued their presence

WEB DESK:  Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has returned to Kabul after talks with US President Joe Biden on a two-day visit.

During a meeting with US President Joe Biden, the Afghan president said he was entering a new chapter of mutual interest, not just a military partnership with the United States. The US president reiterated his continued support for the Afghan army and the country, while urging the Afghan leadership to resolve its own problems.

Talking about the recent visit of the Afghan delegation to the United States, Dr. Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, former Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan, said, “The United States has played an important role in our country and region. Therefore, any opportunity for a high-level dialogue with the US government is important for the Afghan political leadership. ”

Speaking to VOA, Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, in response to a question from President Biden about resolving the Afghan issue on his own, said he was not surprised to hear that because it was expected.

“It is primarily the responsibility of the Afghan political leadership to find a solution to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, even though it is considered an imposed war on the Afghan people,” he said.

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Some experts say the Afghan president wants to complete his presidency and that this would only be possible if US and NATO forces continued their presence. Experts believe that nothing new has emerged in support of US financial assistance to Afghanistan and the training of Afghan forces, but that the international community has already assured Afghanistan of all this.

However, Abdul Rehman Wardak, a Member of Parliament from Afghanistan’s Wardak Province, welcomed the talks between the US and the Afghan leadership, saying that the Afghan delegation’s visit was a good one and that its effects would be felt in the near future. Will

Speaking to VOA, he said the Afghan delegation had met with President Joe Biden and members of the US Congress in the United States. According to him, full details have not been revealed yet and in this regard, the success or failure of this visit will be discussed ahead of time.

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Regarding the current law and order situation in Afghanistan, Wardak said that it depends on Afghanistan’s neighbors. At the same time, the issue of Afghanistan is no longer an issue of Afghanistan alone, but of the international community. So now we have to see how the international community contributes to solving this problem.

The Afghan president’s meeting with the US president comes at a time when international forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan and fighting between Afghan government forces and the Taliban is intensifying. The Taliban say they have taken control of more than 100 districts since May 1. Afghan officials, on the other hand, are calling it a technical strategy.

Najibullah Azad, leader of the Kabul-based Bawar Tehreek political party, says there are three main reasons for the escalation.

Speaking to VOA, he said Taliban activity is always on the rise in the summer. They call it ‘spring offense’. Because they are easy to move during the summer. And they can stay anywhere during the day or night during the fighting.

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He said that most parts of Afghanistan are cold and there can be no intense fighting. In this sense, summer is a time of war for them.

The second major reason is the announcement of the withdrawal of US and allied forces from Afghanistan. Since then, the Taliban’s morale has grown stronger and, above all, they are not afraid of air strikes.

Najibullah Azad cites the Afghan government’s strategy as the third major reason. On the basis of which the Taliban are expanding their reach to most districts. And it can be clearly seen in the videos from the Taliban that Afghan security forces are recognizing the Taliban without fighting in 80% of the areas. However, according to him, there is no shortage of food, weapons and supplies. According to Najibullah Azad, it is not that Afghan soldiers are joining the Taliban, but that they are rejoining their unit.

He said that perhaps the Afghan government wants to convince the world that the Taliban’s belief is only violence. And they do not believe in peace in Afghanistan.

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Najibullah Azad added that after the Taliban’s movement, large numbers of people in all provinces, including Kabul, have taken up arms against the Taliban, which is the Afghan government’s greatest achievement.

Kabul-based women’s rights and peace activist Palwasha Hassan says people in Afghanistan understand that the Taliban are not serious about peace. Because if they believed in peace and order in Afghanistan, they would have speeded up the dialogue process instead of escalating the violence.

Speaking to VOA, he added that this is why the security situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating day by day. And those who did not believe in violence have taken up arms against the Taliban for their own survival.

Palwasha Hassan added that she did not appreciate the people’s rise as a militia against the Taliban’s actions. Because the abundance of weapons always perpetuates the fighting, which could be a headache for the Afghan government in the future.

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He added that the process could have far-reaching effects on Afghanistan’s security. Because peace can never be established through war. Therefore, the parties should implement the ceasefire as soon as possible so that the 43-year-old war can be ended.

Courtesy: VOA

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