Which Country Has the Most Powerful Passport in the World this Year?

According to the index, Pakistan ranks 113rd in terms of travel facilities

WEB DESK: Which country has the most powerful passport in the world this year?

Countries that provide maximum international travel facilities to travelers are considered to have the most powerful passports in the world.

Every year, different agencies provide passport classifications to travelers based on the international travel facilities provided to them by different countries.

Hanley & Partners, a watchdog group that provides travel services to travelers from around the world since 2006, has released a list of countries with strong passports this year as well.

According to the Hanley Passport Index, this year, as last year, Japan’s passport is the most powerful, and holders of Japanese passports can travel to 193 countries without a visa or at the airport to obtain a visa.

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According to the index, the second most powerful passport in the world this year is Singapore, whose passengers enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival in 192 countries, while South Korea and Germany are in third place with travel facilities in 191 countries.

Passport ratings for Switzerland, Belgium and New Zealand have dropped, and travel facilities for travelers from these countries with strong passports have declined.

According to the Hanley Index, the passports of China and the United Arab Emirates are improving rapidly, with China moving up 22 places from 90th to 68th, while the UAE has also jumped a long way from 65th to 15th.

According to the index, Pakistan ranks 113th in terms of travel facilities and Pakistani passport holders can avail travel services in 32 countries.

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