Federal Govt Drastically Increases Petroleum Products Prices

"As per the OGRA proposal, the government would bear the burden of the decision not to increase petrol prices and provide maximum relief to the people"

WEB DESK: The federal government has increased the price of petrol by Rs 5.40 for the next 15 days.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Shahbaz Gul said in a message from social networking site Twitter that the Prime Minister had approved a mere Rs 5.40 per liter increase in the price of petrol in the public interest contrary to OGRA’s recommendations.

He said that the price of diesel has been fixed at Rs 2.54 per liter, kerosene at Rs 1.39 per liter and light diesel at Rs 1.27 per liter.

Shahbaz Gul said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to provide relief to the people contrary to OGRA’s recommendations regarding the prices of petroleum products was in view of the rising prices of petroleum products in the world market for the last several months.

He said that OGRA had proposed an increase in petrol price by Rs 11.40 per liter. He further said that a”

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