PM Imran Meets Afghan President Ghani During Conference in Tashkent

"No one has played a more important role in bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table than Pakistan"

Tashkent / Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has called on Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. The two leaders discussed the situation and challenges in the region. Prime Minister Imran Khan is leading the Pakistani and Ashraf Ghani the Afghan delegation.

Earlier, addressing a conference between Central and South Asian countries in Tashkent, Prime Minister Imran Khan said peace and security in the region was important, adding that Afghanistan was a bridge between Central and South Asia. While our priority is stability in Afghanistan, instability in Afghanistan also affects Pakistan.

He said that economic activities at Gwadar port have started from 2019. CPEC is BRI’s flagship project, hopefully CPEC will also play an important role in regional connectivity.

The Prime Minister said that no one has played a more important role in bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table than Pakistan. Pakistan did its best but I am disappointed that Pakistan is being accused. Prime Minister Imran Khan once again called the Kashmir issue the biggest issue between Pakistan and India.

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The Prime Minister said that blaming Pakistan for the situation in Afghanistan was very unfair. Pakistan has sacrificed 70,000 lives in recent years. Imran Khan said if Pakistan did not want peace in Afghanistan then why I went to Kabul.

Responding to the Afghan vice president’s allegations against Pakistan, Imran Khan said that only Pakistan had brought the Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table.

The United States is trying to find a military solution in Afghanistan that was not possible. How can the Taliban now listen to us when the United States has given a withdrawal date? Now the Taliban see victory, why would they listen to Pakistan?

The Prime Minister said that there was a danger of more refugees coming to Pakistan from the Afghan insurgency, adding that peace in Afghanistan was essential for peace in the region. Peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of all neighboring countries. Afghanistan is a bridge between Central and South Asian countries.

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Pakistan, on the other hand, denied the allegations made by the Afghan vice president. A Foreign Office spokesman said such statements had a negative impact on Pakistan’s sincere efforts for Afghan peace.

It may be recalled that the day before yesterday, Afghan Vice President Saleh had alleged that Pakistan had stopped the Kabul administration from taking action against the Taliban in Spin Boldak.

Pakistan’s foreign office has denied the allegations, saying the Pakistani air force had not discussed the matter with the Afghan air force.

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