US House Approves Issuance of Special Visa for Afghan Translators

There are reports that the first group of refugees will be relocated out of Afghanistan by the end of July

MONITORING DESK: The US House of Representatives has approved the issuance of special visas for Afghan translators.

According to the news agency, special visas will be issued to 8,000 Afghans who have helped the United States in its fight against the Taliban. The United States has decided that Afghans working as interpreters with the Afghan forces will be sheltered at a military base in Virginia.

Joe Biden called for at least 18,000 Afghan citizens and their families to be accepted as immigrants to the United States. Who have been serving in the US military for the past two decades.

The translators are said to be in danger of retaliating against the Taliban after the withdrawal of US troops.

In the first phase, about 2,500 Afghan translators and their families will be relocated to the United States for short-term accommodation, State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed at a news conference in Washington on Monday (July 19th).

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There are reports that the first group of refugees will be relocated out of Afghanistan by the end of July.

Following the announcement of the withdrawal of coalition forces, Afghan translators rallied and announced that their lives would be in danger if they and their families were not relocated by September after the withdrawal.

The Taliban have reportedly killed several Afghan translators for aiding US troops and their allies. U.S. lawmakers are concerned that these individuals and their families will be targeted more and more.

On the other hand, the Taliban say that if the translators leave the ranks of the enemy and want to live like ordinary people in their own country, they will not be in danger.

The Taliban also warned that translators should “regret their past” and not take any path in the future that could be called “betrayal of Islam and the country.

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