Blog: When I Talk About Women Rights, I Actually Talk About Justice

I fear that one day it will be me, one day I'll be some hashtag, I'll be some post on people's Instagram stories

Mahnoor Malik

Everyday I wake up to another hashtag trending in our country demanding justice for a woman who was tortured, harassed or killed by psychopaths and still not getting any justice because our judicial system lacks justice!

And amidst all the chaos and femicide happening in the country i am so fed up of this victim blaming culture, no matter what the issue is, some people will try to find a thing from which they can blame the victim no matter how worse the situation is.

A woman was suffocated, tortured and beheaded in our country and some people still had the audacity to comment derogatory remarks on her by saying she was in an illegitimate relationship, so sick of it.

Them people judging others and labeling their actions as sins, as if they are God, as if they have a right to abuse others to pass derogatory remarks on others, as if they are not covered with sins from head to toe, as if they are not committing sins everyday.

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A woman was BEHEADED, TORTURED AND MURDERED, instead of raising voice for the victims, you are opposing the victim by passing such remarks.

I’ve seen many people, even in my surroundings if I talk about women empowerment, some people look at me in a bad way, they think I’ve very “modern khayalat” or I am from a “liberal background”

I talk about women empowerment because I want the women of our country to be educated. I talk about women empowerment because I want the women of our country to be financially independent.

I talk about women empowerment cuz I’ve seen dreams dying in the eyes of so many girls just because there families don’t allow them to pursue their dreams.

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I talk about women empowerment cuz I want the women of our country to work in their desired fields, to show their talent, to prove that they are equally capable.

I talk about women empowerment because I’ve seen women being tortured in their households, I’ve seen women being murdered, I’ve seen countless girls being raped and sexually harassed and I fear.

I fear that one day it will be me, one day I’ll be some hashtag, I’ll be some post on people’s Instagram stories.

I want my rights to be protected, I want to feel safe in the country I am living, I want to feel protected, I want to feel alive without any fear.

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And just because i am calling out those people who are oppressing the rights of women, who are torturing,  harrasing and murdering them. It really doesn’t mean I am anti men or I hate all men or I’ve any grudge against the whole male gender PLEASEEE.

I solely believe that men and women both have their own cycles and own duties to perform in this world, I believe that both of them have their own roles and own uniqueness in their gender.

So when I talk about Equality I am talking about Equality in BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, which are being excessively violated every day in our country, rapists are roaming free, sexual harassers are roaming free, murderers are roaming free.

So when I talk about women rights, I actually talk about justice, basic rights and freedom.

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Mahnoor Malik is Law student and blogger.

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