A Woman in China Has Not Slept for Forty Years

"I remember the last time I slept when I was 5 or 6 years old."

WEB DESK: Insomnia has become a common ailment in the world, and people who claim to be sleep deprived for a few days or even weeks look tired or sick.

But recently a strange case has been reported in the Chinese media in which a woman claims that she has not slept for four decades but still does not feel tired or lack of sleep.

According to the report, Li Zheng, a woman from China’s central province of Hainan, claimed that she remembered the last time she slept when she was 5 or 6 years old.

According to the report, the woman’s claim has also been confirmed by her husband and neighbors who wanted to test her but she fell asleep while Zheng stayed awake.

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Li Zheng has become a celebrity in her hometown of Zhuheng Mo due to her unusual sleep deprivation, Li’s husband Li Suquin says his wife does not need sleep, after the marriage he saw that his wife Instead of sleeping at night, she does housework. Later, she was checked up by doctors several times, but she did not find anything suspicious in her wife’s health.

Recently, however, Li Zheng’s decades-long sleep deprivation mystery was solved when a team of Chinese medical doctors used a sensor to monitor the woman for 48 hours, and doctors discovered that Li actually slept, but Not like people usually sleep.

During the surveillance, doctors discovered that Lee had fallen asleep while talking to her husband without closing her eyes and lying on the bed. According to experts, Lee’s condition is called ‘sleep when awake’, a condition in which a person is asleep but his limbs and nerves are active, meaning he can talk, walk, etc. Etc.

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