Rameez Raja Elected Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board

"My first priority is to introduce to the national cricket team the thinking, culture and ideology that has made Pakistan the most strong cricket team ever"

Mohammad Humayun

LAHORE: A special meeting of the Board of Governors of the Pakistan Cricket Board was held at the National High Performance Center, Lahore. The meeting was chaired by Justice (retd) Sheikh Azmat Saeed, Election Commissioner, PCB.

The patron of the PCB and Prime Minister Imran Khan had on August 27 nominated Asad Ali Khan in addition to Rameez Raja as a member of the PCB’s Board of Governors for three years.

Apart from them, Asim Wajid Jawad, Alia Zafar, Arif Saeed, Javed Qureshi and Wasim Khan (Chief Executive PCB) are also part of the Board of Governors.

Addressing the BOG as the Chairman of the PCB, Rameez Raja said, “I am grateful to all of you for electing me as the Chairman of the PCB and I look forward to working with you so that we need to strengthen Pakistan cricket both on and off the field. ”

“My first priority is to introduce to the national cricket team the thinking, culture and ideology that has made Pakistan the most strong cricket team ever. As an institution, we all need to stand by the national cricket team and meet their needs so that they can play the same brand of cricket that the fans expect from them. ”

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“Obviously, as a former cricketer, my second priority will be to look after the welfare of my former and current cricketers. This game is for cricketers and will always be with them, so they deserve the same recognition and respect from their organization. ”

Rameez Raja is Pakistan’s 18th captain in Test cricket and 12th captain in ODI cricket. In his international cricket career from 1984 to 1997, Rameez Raja represented Pakistan in a total of 255 international matches and scored 8674 runs.

He was also the Chief Executive of Pakistan Cricket Board from 2003 to 2004. He has also represented Pakistan in the ICC Chief Executive Committee.

He is also a member of the current MCC World Cricket Committee. He is one of the leading commentators in the world.

Rameez Raja is the fourth cricketer to be elected chairman of the PCB. Earlier, former cricketers Abdul Hafeez Kardar (77-1972), Javed Burki (1995-1994) and Ijaz Butt (11-2008) have taken over the chairmanship of the PCB. The 59-year-old former cricketer has played 57 Tests and 198 ODIs for Pakistan. Matches have been played۔

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Rameez Raja is also called Rambo because of his hair style. The former captain also has extensive experience in commentary in international and domestic cricket and is also known as the king of cricket.

Rameez Raja was also part of the team that won the 1992 World Cup, and he was the one who caught the historic catch in the World Cup final.

Fifty-nine-year-old Rameez Hassan Raja started his international cricketing career in 1984 with the Karachi Test against England. The journey ended with a one-day match against India in 1997 after 57 Test matches and 198 ODIs.

Rameez Raja as a batsman scored a total of eight thousand six hundred and seventy-four runs, including eleven centuries.

The former Test cricketer stepped into commentary after practical cricket. He is highly regarded in the cricketing world for his voice and choice of words.

Rameez Raja has also served as the chief executive of the PCB during the tenure of former PCB chairman Tauqeer Zia. In 2003-4, he played a key role in organizing the Pak-India series.

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