UK Likely to Remove Pakistan from the Red List This Week

In April, the UK had included several countries, including Pakistan, in the red list

MONITORING DESK: The UK is likely to remove 24 countries, including Pakistan, from the red list this week.

According to the British online newspaper Daily Mail, the CEO of PC Travel Agency, Paul Charles, has said that no new type of Corona has emerged in recent days, while the Delta type of Corona in the UK has also been largely controlled.

He said that in the light of the current situation, there is no justification for keeping many countries on the red list.

He said the list could be rapidly reduced to help revitalize the travel sector. Now there is no scientific basis on which to stop the journey.


It may be recalled that in April, the UK had included several countries, including Pakistan, in the red list. The British government said the countries were being added to the red list to protect the country from new strains of the corona virus.

The British government further clarified the decision, saying that people from countries who have British or Irish citizenship or citizens of a third country who have a UK residency visa should be allowed to do so. Upon arrival in the UK, you must stay in an officially approved hotel for 10 days under mandatory quarantine.

It is to be noted that according to the announcement made by the British government, a 10-day hotel quarantine is mandatory for those coming from Pakistan, in view of which the people staying in the quarantine face a cost of 2,000 pounds or 500,000 Pakistani rupees.

The UK later increased quarantine costs at the hotel by about ً 400, to be borne by quarantineers themselves.

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