Our Team

Our Team

Majid Siddiqui is Media Professional with more than 25 years of experience working in the field, and a track record of responsible roles.

He has a sound understanding of Social, Political and Economic issues at local, regional and international level. 

Majid holds a good understanding of Pakistan’s foreign policy issues, especially related to US, China, India and the Middle East.

Within Pakistan, he has an in-depth knowledge of the political dynamics of all four of Pakistan’s provinces, which involves a sound understanding of the Political, Social, Economic and Religious conflicts between the country’s differing political parties, groups and provinces.

His career has brought Majid into contact with many different local and international media houses, he has been associated with Indus News, CNBC Pakistan, Geo TV, Dunya News, Abb Takk News, Dawn News in different capacities.

Before joining The Indus Tribune as an Editor, he was associated with the Lahore based english language tv channel, Indus News, as an Editor.

Majid Siddiqui is also a CNN fellow in Pakistan.  It has allowed him to work with CNN and other international teams during his career.

During his long writing career, Majid has written articles, features and blogs across a myriad of topics. He also regularly writes for The Indus Tribune in the English and Urdu languages.


Sabin Agha is a regular contributor to The Indus Tribune.  Aside from contributing stories, features and articles, she blogs on a weekly basis for our website.

Sabin has over 20 years experience as an independent investigative broadcast journalist and a documentary film maker.

She has worked with major channels like the BBC, National Geographic, SKY HD, Channel 4, GEO News, DAWN News, AAJ News, Express 24/7, and CNBC.

Her track record includes producing internationally acclaimed documentary films on social issues, healthcare and politics for foreign networks – including her film on polio “Every Last Child”, which was shortlisted for an Oscar.


Stephen Phillips has nearly thirty years, experience in news, advertising and education.  

Before joining in at The Indus Tribune, he was a Deputy Editor at Indus News.  His forays into news in Pakistan have taken him to Express’s Express 24/7 and financial news and info site Qineqt.

The Education sector has been a big part of his career, both in the UK and in Pakistan.  From teaching people to read and write to teaching at University of Lahore and leading a communications team at the University of South Asia.

While that was happening, he also worked in advertising for clients from fast food to school networks. 

Alongside this career, Stephen has actively followed politics in the UK for 37 years, while keeping pace with international currents and events.  Beside politics, Stephen’s passions revolve around film, art & design and literature.  Oh…and Rugby Union.



Nabila Tahir is a passionate young journalist, who has worked for major news channels and websites during her professional career.

She is currently working at The Indus Tribune’s English desk, regularly writing stories and blogs on a wide range of topics.

Her areas of expertise are society, the lives and experiences of women, childrens’ rights, the environment and entertainment.


Tariq Khajar has an MBA in Marketing with Specialized in Business Management  This has not stopped him writing travelogues, blogs and features for different publications.

While looking after the Business Operations of a local pharmaceutical company,  he has joined The Indus Tribune as part-timer, and has been writing on regular basis.

Tariq has extensively traveled the world, visiting Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Kenya, Congo, Tanzania, Myanmar, Uganda, Myanmar, Thailand Cambodia, Afghanistan aongst others.


Shahid Pirzada is highly active member of the team, looking after the sales and marketing of The Indus Tribune.

He has a 10-member Small Business Development Team, and manages all the organisation’s public affairs.


Salman Ahmed is our correspondent in the capital, Islamabad.  In a varied professional career, he has covered politics, foreign policy, governance and the eocnomy for a number of well-regarded channels. Since joining The Indus Tribune in January this year, he has produced exclusive news stories and blogged on a range of topics.


Our Contributors/Bloggers

Dr. James Dorsey  (Email: jmdorsey@questfze.com)

Alex De Ruyter (Alex.DeRuyter@bcu.ac.uk)

Dr. Yahya Al-Aridi

Richard Bruinsma

Syed Talat Hussain

Tehreem Shah

Dr. Tahir Masood

Shaikh Mohammad Amin

Khadeeja Zaheer

Mohammad Ayan

Ghazali Farooq

Dr. Akhtar Siddiqui


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